How the Cancellation Process Looks for Your Customer in the Self-Service Portal?

Step 1: Your customers click on a button that says “cancel”.

On your website your customers click on an easily visible and accessible buttons that indicated it is a cancellation button.

Step 2: Button leads to the customer self-service portal or to a cancellation form.

Clicking on the button will take your customer to the customer self-service portal (if you've implemented one with circuly) where they can use their email (the email used to place the order on your website) to access and manage their subscriptions and request cancellation.

Note: If you do not want to use the self-service portal from circuly, you need to implement some other way of processing cancellation requests. Please get in touch with your legal team.

Step 3: Cancellation button for every subscription

A visible cancellation button is visible under every product and can be seen under all the active subscriptions by the customer, as shown in the image below.

Screenshot of circuly customer self-service portal

Step 4: Button leads to the confirmation page

The cancellation button leads your customer to a confirmation page within the customer self service portal itself (as shown in the image below). The confirmation page provides the customer with the necessary information about the subscription they are cancelling and additional options to conclude their cancellation request.

Screenshot of circuly customer self-service portal to show the cancellation process

On the confirmation page your customer can do the following:

  • Select the “Cancellation type” from the dropdown menu, that is, a Normal cancellation or an Extraordinary cancellation. Based on the selection under “Cancellation type” the “Cancellation reasons” are displayed.

Screenshot of circuly customer self-service portal to show the cancellation reasons

  • Select the “Cancellation reason”.

  • Select a “Pickup date”.

Important note: Displaying the “Pickup Date” on the confirmation page is optional. It is by default turned off and disabled. To enable it go to your circuly operations backend > Settings > Customer login > COMPANY INFORMATION >  Enable the switch for Pickup date as shown in the image below.

screenshot of circuly operations backend to show the pickup date setting

  • Write a message in the “Your message” input field.

Step 5: Display the cancellation details for confirmation

If the customer has already sent the cancellation request for a particular product, then the following happens:

  • The buttons that say “Cancel subscription” disappears (as shown in the image below)
  • The status of the subscription is changed to “cancelled” and displayed under the product (as shown in the image below).
  • The customer can also see the Cancellation date and the Subscription end-date (as shown in the image below).

Important note: The subscription end date is based on the subscription start date. If the customer has selected a 12 months subscription and started the subscription on 1st April then the displayed subscription end date will be 31st March. When the subscription end date has arrived and the subscription is still active, the subscription is extended by a month (if auto renew is enabled) and the end date changes accordingly as per this date, that is the new end date will then be 30th of April.

Step 6: Customer receives a confirmation email.

As part of the “two-click cancellation” law, your customers get a confirmation email about their cancellation. The email that you customers receive from the Email templates (in circuly) is called Subscription Cancellation Received.  Edit the email template to your liking and branding and include cancellation specific variables of your choice.

Important note: If you are using the “Auto cancel subscription” setting option to process the cancellation requests, remember to add return instruction in the Subscription Cancellation Received email because this option (that is using the “auto cancel subscription setting to process cancellation requests) bypasses the Subscription almost over email (which typically contains the return instructions for the product when the subscription is about to end).

Screenshot of email templates

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