Releases & Webinars.

We have kicked-off of the knowledge journey with first webinars on how to use & to inform ou about the latest updates within circuly. There are more webinars to follow and more video content to be produced. Here you can find a first selection of previous events

circuly operations backend redesign

We've made the circuly operations backend look even nicer and added new useful features for you. Check out what has changed and how you can best make use of the perks that come with the new look. #redesign #settings #customerprofile

knowledge exchange webinar 2

Learn more about our subscription list and all the different options you have, how to handle the returns of your products with circuly and how to organise your repairs. #subscriptions #returns #repairs

knowledge exchange webinar 1

This is the recording of our first knowledge exchange webinar in September. If you missed it, tune in and learn about the many features of the circuly operations backend. #subscriptions #swaps #tags

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We are constantly expanding and improving our knowledge loop to give you the information you need to make the best out of circuly.
You can request articles about features that you yet do not know how to best use.
Just tell us what you want to know and we’ll get our content ninjas right on it.

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