Connect Stripe to circuly

Did you know that circuly only needs to connect to your shop system and Payment Service Provider (PSP) to get things going? Amazing right? The circuly API allows seamless data flow between the connected systems and also makes it possible for you to keep the existing tech stack that you’ve invested in.

Let’s get started and connect Stripe to circuly.

Setup Instructions:

To connect Stripe to circuly follow the steps given below:

  • Login to your circuly Operations Backend > Go to Settings > Company Settings > BASE SETUP > Payment system > Select “Stripe” as the Payment Service Provider from the dropdown list.

  • Login to your Stripe account > Go to Developers > on the left side of the window go to API Keys > Copy the keys.
  • Then go back to circuly > Settings > Setup & design > PAYMENT SERVICE PROVIDER - STRIPE > Add the information in the dedicated input fields: Stripe Private Key, Stripe publisher key, Stripe SEPA debit.

Connect circuly to Stripe via Webhooks to allow data flow

Why should you connect circuly to your Stripe account via webhooks?

circuly send payment information to your Stripe account when an order is placed on your website and a payment is created. But circuly only receives confrimation of the payment received from Stripe in return and does not know if the payment was successful or not. However after connecting Stripe with circuly via webhooks circuly receives payment success or failure information from Stripe.

Setup instructions:

  • You will receive a Stripe webhook URL from your customer success team in the Monday tool; in your custom Onboarding Board.  
  • Login to your Stripe account > Navigate to Developers

  • From the menu on the left side > Select Webhooks
  • Click on the button that says + Add endpoint

  • In the window that opens add the URl that you received from your customer success team and confirm it by clicking on the Add endpoint button.

  • After adding the link continue to the next page and select the following events and click on the Add events button: (1) charge.refund, (2) payment_intent.created, (3) payment_intent.succeeded
  • Done. Stripe is connected to circuly via webhooks.

Note: You can discover additional details here about the available payment methods for your recurring payment service with circuly.

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