Access Issues Reported From the Customer-Self-Service Portal

The Customer Self-Service Portal enables your customers to perform a number of actions on their own with regard to their subscription such as cancelling subscriptions, downloading invoices, changing personal information etc. Additionally, your customers have the possibility to stay in touch with you via the Customer Self-Service Portal and report issues. 

Learn more about how your customers can report issues from the Customer Self-Service Portal. 

In this article you’ll learn how you can access the reported issue. 


Issue reported from the Customer Self Service Portal by your customer are sent to an email address of your choice. You can define this email in your Settings.

There are two email settings available in the settings:

  • Customer care email address
  • Support email address

Customer care email address

The customer care email address is the email that receives notifications from the circuly system for various operations such as cancellation requests made by the customer.

This email address is used by the circuly system to inform a circuly user.

To access the setting > Go to Settings > Company Settings > BASE SETUP > Customer care email address > Add an email address in the given input field.

Support email address

The support email address is displayed in the Self-Service Portal and can be used by the customer to get in touch with you.

The option to display a support email address is optional and can be skipped. However we recommend adding a support email address as doing so gives the impression to the customer that you are reachable and that increases the customers trust in your product.

If your customer uses the email to make a cancellation request then there are no automated steps or operations followed.

To update or add an email address go to your circuly Operations Backend > Settings > Customer login > GENERAL > Support email address > Type an email address in the input field.

When your customers want to report an issue from the Customer Self-Service Portal they can use this email address. Refer to the image below to see how the email is displayed.

Note: You can only add one email address in this input field.

Add a BCC list to get copies of all emails sent on your behalf from the circuly Operations Backend

We also recommend adding a BCC list to get copies of all emails sent from the circuly Operations Backend. 

To add a BCC list > Go to Settings > Email > GENERAL > BCC list > Click on the plus icon “+” to add an email > Repeat the step if you want to add more email addresses. 

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