Auto Renew Subscriptions

If your customers do not actively cancel their subscription from the Customer Self-Service Portal or write an email to you to cancel the subscription, you can decide to auto renew the subscription either manually or you can automate the process.

Article Overview

  • Auto renew subscriptions manually
  • Automate subscription renewal

Auto renew subscriptions manually

Typically your customers agree to a subscription duration when placing an order on your website. This duration is treated as the minimum subscription duration by the circuly system and also the entire subscription duration. When this duration is over there may be a number of possibilities such as subscription contract renewal, subscription cancellation and therefore product return, product buyout etc.

You can freely decide if you do not want the circuly system to auto renew a subscription at the end of the subscription period and want to extend the subscription contract manually based on individual use case.

Subscriptions can be manually renewed via the extend subscription functionality.

This function is specially handy when the customer tells you the exact duration for the extension of their subscription. 

You can use the extend subscription functionality to increase the subscription duration. You do not need to do anything with the auto renew button or the auto renew settings. 

Simply select the subscription that needs to be extended > Click on the three dots to display the menu options > Select the Extend subscription option from the menu options > In the Extend subscription window > Add the number of wants you want the subscription to extend by in the given input field. 

When you use the extend subscription function to change the end date of a subscription, there is no impact of this action on the auto renew button in the subscription overview window.

Automate subscription renewal

If you do not want to manually take action for every subscription, you can also automate the process of subscription renewal.

Here you have a few settings options depending on what’s your goal.

Option 1: If you want to auto renew or extend the subscription by its original duration then turn on the switch for the Auto renew subscriptions setting. From now on subscriptions will be renewed by the original subscription duration. For example if it was a 12 months subscription then towards the end of the subscription period it will be extended for another 12 months.

Option 2: If you do not want to renew the subscription by its original subscription duration then you can define a custom value for the renewal. To do this > First go to the Auto renew subscriptions setting and turn on the switch > Next go to the Custom auto renew subscription setting and turn on the switch for this setting > Then add a numeric value in the Custom auto renew duration input field. From now on the subscription will be renewed by the value defined in this input field.

Important: Do not enable the switch for the Auto renew subscriptions setting if you want to renew subscriptions manually on an individual subscription level as every subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of the subscription period if you enable the auto-renew subscription setting.

When a subscription has been auto-renewed because of the auto-renew subscription setting, the auto-renew switch in the subscription overview window will be enabled. The button provides a visual reference to determine which subscription is renewed and which is not.

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