Bundle Collection

As the name defines, a "bundle" is a collection of products that are grouped together. In subscription terms, a bundle is a collection of products that are categorised under one subscription.


1. Bike + lock + helmet + basket

2. Baby Stroller + stroller rain cover + cup holder

3. Motor + spring cradle + attachment

circuly's Bundle Collection Feature

A bundle is a collection of different products. All products under a bundle collection do ideally have their unique serial number and for internal reporting you may want to track the individual items. However your customers should ideally see all the products under the same subscription bundle and not as individually subscribed products.

And this is made possible via circuly's Bundle Collection Feature. The circuly feature allows you to freely track all products under a bundle and at the same time displays the products as one subscription to the customers.

Note: Bundles are predefined meaning that your customer will not be able to swap individual items under a bundle collection and will ONLY see one subscription for the whole service / product. 


Good to know

1. Your products and product variants are always set up in your individual shopsystem. circuly only takes over the product information (product name, price etc.) from your shopsystem via a product sync and displays the information under the Product tab in the circuly Operations Backend. 

2. The product prices are also taken from the shop system, and the bundle collection feature makes use of the default shop system prices (as set up by you). However, it is also possible to have the same price for the entire bundle collection, irrespective of the product selected. If you would like to have this logic, kindly get in touch with us via service desk.

3. The possibility to select products from a predefined collection is only available for new orders. If you want to make the feature available for your old subscriptions, get in touch with circuly via service desk.

Setup guide

  • In your circuly Operations Backend > Navigate to the Products tab > Then switch to the Bundles tab.
  • Click on the +Bundle button.
  • In the Create bundle collection window > Start by adding a Title and a Description.

  • Under the "Select the bundle components" dropdown menu, select the products that you wish to bundle together.
Note: each bundle can only have a maximum of 10 items.
  • Next select the variants for your selected products.
  • Click on Create.

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