Charge Invoice

As you already know every payment has an invoice attached to it. If and when a payment fails you can charge it manually or you can automate the process to retry the failed payment.

Alternatively you can also manually charge the invoice attached to the failed payment.

To charge an invoice:

  • In your circuly Operations Backend > Go to the Invoices tab
  • Search and click on the invoice you want to charge.

Note: You can spot a failed invoice by looking at the Paid column. If there is a cross (❌ ) under it and there is a value under the Tries column then that means that the invoice failed to be charged.

Only a cross just means that the invoice has not been charged yet.

  • In the Invoice overview window > Click on the Charge Payment button.

  • Then click on the Confirm button.

Your customer will receive an email notification about the charge.

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