How to Bulk Upload Subscriptions?

With circuly you can create subscriptions in bulk and skip manually assigning serial number to a product in case you have thousands of orders coming in on a daily basis. Subscription automation takes action by simply importing a list to circuly. This is specially handy if you have a warehousing or an ERP system connected to your shop system that takes care of sending out products to the customer. 

To bulk upload subscriptions:

  • Go to subscriptions and click on the CSV button near the search bar.
  • In the Import subscription from CSV window click on File input and select the file you want to import. 

Once the file has been imported, a feedback window will be displayed that tells you how many orders have been imported. In case there is an error, it will be displayed in the feedback window. To know the reason for the error, you can download the error report and check the reason for the error message. All the orders that are now imported have a subscription created automatically. 

What happens next?

  1. The "Subscription activated" email is sent to the customer from the Email Templates.
  2. The order is displayed in the Subscription List under the Subscription tab because the order now has an active subscription attached to it.

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