Custom Fields in Checkout and Where To Find Them

You can customise the checkout page by adding custom input field to it. Custom fields can be used to collect additional information from your customer besides payment, address and contact details. 

Possible custom field option in the circuly Operations Backend include:

  • Text - for one-two line sentences. 
  • Text area - for longer text inputs.
  • Dropdown - a dropdown menu with predefined options such as pick-up location.
  • Date picker - a calendar to select a date. Can be used to select pickup date or delivery date.
  • Switch - a toggle that can be turned on/off on a click.

Custom fields are hardcoded into your checkout. If you want to add custom fields to your checkout, get in touch with your customer success team by raising a ticket

Here’s where the data from the custom fields is stored

All data from custom fields can be accessed from the Orders tab. 

In your circuly Operations Backend > Go to Orders > Select an Order from the Order List > Scroll down to DETAILS > You’ll find all your custom fields in this section.

Examples of custom fields:

  1. Strollme

  1. Bugaboo Flex

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