All Different Ways to Start a Subscription in the circuly Operations Backend

When your customer completes the checkout process and finalises the order, an order is created in your Shopsystem and in the circuly Operations Backend. To start collecting recurring payments, a subscription needs to be created for the order.

In the circuly Operations Backend, you can find multiple ways to create a subscription. circuly provides you both, manual and automated workflows for creating a subscription.

The decision to choose a manual option or an automated one depends on the number/quantity of incoming orders and the amount of control you want over the operations.

Available options for creating a subscription

  • Creating a subscription from the Orders tab (manual)
  • Creating a subscription from the Customers tab (manual)
  • Using the "Bulk Update" option to create subscriptions (manual)
  • Using the "Mark as fulfilled" option to create subscriptions
  • Using the "Bulk upload" option to create a subscription

Creating a subscriptions for an order

1. Creating a subscription from the Orders Tab

All incoming orders are displayed in the Order List under the Orders tab. To create a subscription from the Orders tab, you need to click on an order and go inside the Order Overview.

Detailed steps: How to get started with circuly when your first order comes in.

2. Creating a subscription from the Customer Tab

All orders are displayed in the Order List in the Orders tab and the customer attached to the Order is displayed in the Customer List in the Customer tab. You can also create a subscription for an order from the Customer tab.

Here are the steps:

  • In your circuly operations backend, go to the Customers tab > Select a customer from the Customer List and click on it.
  • Click on the button that says PROCESS OPEN ORDERS.

  • In the displayed window, create a subscription how you normally would, that is by entering/selecting/generating a serial number, filling in the additional details and selecting a subscription start date.

  • The subscription has been successfully created.

  • Once the order has been shipped out by your warehouse, mark the order as completed by clicking on the three dots (as shown in the image below).

  • In the "Mark this order as completed" window confirm your actions by clicking on the MARK AS COMPLETED button.

  • Once the subscription has been marked as completed, the status of the order changes from Open to fulfilled. You can see the change under Status in the same Customer Overview window under ORDERS.

3. Bulk create subscriptions

In order to create a subscription in the regular way you have to select an order (or customer if you are using the customer tab to create the subscription) and go to the Order Overview to create a subscription. You can skip that by bulk updating Orders into Subscriptions.

Detailed steps: How to bulk update orders into subscriptions.

4. Auto activate subscriptions - Mark as fulfilled

You can automate the process of creating a subscription by making the subscription create process dependent on the "Mark as fulfilled" button.

Typically the mark as fulfilled button is used to indicate that an order has been successfully delivered. However it can also be used to automatically create subscriptions.

If you enable the Auto activate subscription setting in your Settings then subscriptions will be automatically started after they are marked as fulfilled by a circuly user.

To access the setting > Go to Settings > Subscriptions > CREATE SUBSCRIPTION > Enable the switch for Auto activate subscriptions.

Note: The subscription start date value will be taken from the Auto activate offset setting. Make sure that you define the value in the respective setting.

5. Bulk upload subscriptions

With circuly you can create subscriptions in bulk and skip manually assigning serial number to a product in case you have thousands of orders coming in on a daily basis.

Detailed steps: How to create subscriptions in bulk.

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