Downloading Invoices in the Customer Self-Service Portal

Downloading invoices in the Customer Self-Service Portal

Your customers can download their invoices from the Customer Self-Service Portal thus eliminating the need for them to get in touch with your customer support. 

To enable your customers to download their invoices make sure that you have the right setting enabled. 

Go to Settings > Customer login > FEATURES > Make sure that the Hide invoice download switch is disabled

When enabled the icon to download the invoices is not available in the Self-Service Portal. 

Educate your customers on how they can download invoices from their Self-Service Portal by writing an article on including a FAQ section on your website. 

Here’s how the process looks for your customers:

  • Your customer logs in to their Self-Service Portal
  • On the homescreen they can navigate to Your Invoices and click on the download icon to download the invoices.

Note: Only invoices that have been settled can be downloaded. Upcoming invoices are not displayed in the Customer Self-Service Portal. 

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