Explained: Tags and Tag Date

What Is a Tag?

A tag is a keyword assigned to a piece of information that helps describe it visually and allows it to be easily found. In the circuly operations backend a tag is a keyword assigned to an order. Accompanied with the tag date, a tag describes what action needs to be taken or is currently active and the date associated with that action. Every order can have a tag and a tag date attached to it.

Tags main purpose is to see the associated action of an order at first sight. In order to gain a better overview of the status of your orders you can add tags to each order. The additional information serves your team e.g. to assure everyone working in the system directly knows the handling status/fulfilment timeline regardless of an external additional document, a single person's memory or additional assumption being made based on other information. Tags are solely for internal use and do not change anything for the consumer. Using tags also does not influence the information and pre-set e.g. buffer time/delivery time, order date or subscription date started, payment date.

The different tags can be interpreted as follows - however can also be given a different definition within your team:

  • Delivered: the product has been already delivered.
  • Delivery: delivery, as the name suggests, means that the order is a delivery order that should be delivered to the customer by the date highlighted in the tag date.
  • In clarification -  there is an issue with the customer data - requires action/ see notes for further information.
  • lost: the product is lost and is not expected to come back.
  • Pick-up: the order is to be picked up by the customer e.g. if you have a store or if it has to be picked up at the refurbisher
  • Picked up: the order has been picked up.
  • replaced: the product has been replaced.
  • Replacement: replacement means that the order has to be replaced or is in the process of replacement.
  • Test-order: the order is a test order and not a real order.

What is a Tag Date?

A tag date simply represents the fulfilment timeline of the tag.

How to Add Tags and Tag date?

Tags can be added and edited for an order in the Order List. You can find the Order List by navigating to Orders in the left navigation bar. To add a tag follow the following steps:

  • Locate an order in the Order List and click on it.
  • in the Order detail view, the option to add/edit a tag is on the right side of the displayed view.
  • Select a tag from the tag dropdown menu
  • Select a tag date from the date picker.
  • Click on SAVE CHANGES


Tags and tag date are meant to be used for internal operations. They do not have any affect on the order or customer data. If there are multiple users of the operations backend, tags can help in efficiently managing rentals by providing a visual aspect.

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