How to Charge A One-Time payment?

Your customers may get a speeding ticket for their car subscription or require repair support for which you need to charge a one time transaction. What do you do when you need to charge your customers an extra amount besides their recurring payment?

To charge a one-time payment follow the steps given below or wathc the video tutorial:

  • Log in to your circuly operations backend and go to Orders.
  • Select the order that you want to edit from the Order List and click on it to display the order details.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select One-time payment from the list.

  • In the One-time transaction window start with the Title input field and use this field to describe what the one-time payment is for. Then insert your desired values in the other input fields.
  • Enter a message in the Message to customer input field if you wish to provide more information to the customer about the one-time payment. The customer will be automatically notified via email about the charge and the message that you type into the open text field will be added to the email.
  • Click on CHARGE xx.xx € to confirm.

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