How to Charge a Single Recurring Payment?

In the circuly operations backend, you can charge a single recurring payment.

Watch the video tutorial:

Read the steps:

  • Log in o your circuly operations backend and go to either Subscriptions (if you know the customer associated with the recurring payment) or go to Recurring Payments (if you do not have the customer details and want to charge a single recurring payment based on the status of the payment).
  • From the Subscription List and/or Recurring Payment List, find the Subscription and/or Recurring Payment and click on it.
  • In the subscription detail view go scroll down to see the Recurring Payments section.
  • Select the Recurring Payment you want to charge and click on the three dots in the same row.
  • From the list select Charge recurring payment and in the Charge recurring payment window, make the necessary changes and confirm your action by clicking on the button that says CHARGE X,XX €.
  • AN invoice is created automatically and the payment is submitted to your connected payment service provider for settlement.

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