How to Create a Voucher?

In the circuly backend, you can create a voucher and customise it as per you needs. To create a voucher code follow the video tutorial or the steps given below:

Watch the video tutorial:

  • Navigate to Vouchers in the left navigation bar.
  • The Voucher List appears, which contains all the existing vouchers created in the circuly operations backend.
  • To create a new voucher click on + CREATE VOUCHER.
  • In the Create Voucher window, fill in the details and click on CREATE.

  • The new voucher will appear in the Voucher List.
  • To copy the voucher code, hover over the voucher of your selection and click on the copy icon under Voucher Code.

Instructions/Explanation for Filling the Input Fields

  • Voucher Name: select a name that will help you and your team distinguish the voucher from other vouchers in the system and in use. Create an internal guide for voucher names that all your team members can use.
  • Description: you can write a description for the voucher.
  • Voucher Code: the voucher code is visible to your customers. You can combine alphabets, numbers and special characters to make the voucher code. Using actionable codes like BIGDISCOUNT2021 or LASTOFFER2021 can increase conversions.
  • Discount Type: in the circuly operations backend you can decide between offering a fixed amount such as €30/€40/€50 or percentage like 20[/50%/76%, to your customers. Choose the one that fits your business case best.
  • Discount Amount: after selecting the discount type, select the discount amount or discount percent.
  • Minimum Cart Value: if you want, you can assign a minimum cart value for the voucher code to be valid.
  • Voucher specific email: if you want to limit the use of the voucher to a specific email then you can enter the email address in this field. The voucher code can then be used by a customer with the same email address as you've entered in this field.
  • Recurring Discount Checkbox(s): apply discount to initial payments and all recurring payments means that the discount amount/percentage will be applied to all transaction amounts in a particular subscription. For example, if you want to offer a  20% or 20€ discount to a customer who has rented a product from you for (let's say) 12 months, with a monthly payment of 50€, then 20% or 20€ will apply to every monthly transaction. Apply discount to initial payment only  used when you want to offer your customer a one time discount on their entire cart value. The one time discount applies only to the very first payment and every payment after that will be of the original amount.
  • Valid Checkbox: valid just means whether the voucher is valid or not, that is can it be used or not.
  • Include Products: select all the products at once for which you want the voucher code to be valid.
  • Exclude Products: you can also deselect the products that should not be included for the voucher code.
  • Limit Bought Rent: select if the voucher code is valid for rent and/or bought products.
  • Expiry Date: You can already assign an expiry date to the voucher in case it's a limited time offer.
  • Checkbox for Limit voucher to one time use: you can create a voucher that can only be used once.

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