How to Export Data from the circuly Operations Backend?

When you want to export certain data from the operations backend, you can do so by:

  • Select the tab you want and click on the export button in the list view.
  • When you press the export button, a pop-up window pops up that says that the export request is in progress and you will be notified when the export is ready.
  • The notification for the export being ready is in the notifications panel in the top right corner of the operations backend window.

  • When you click on the bell icon, the notification panel will say that your export is ready. This means that all the data that you wanted to export has been pulled and is ready for download.

  • Click on the notification to get to the file download window.

  • And click on the DOWNLOAD CSV button to download the file.

Note: when the “Export underway” window says that “you will be notified when the export is ready to download”, this doesn’t mean that you will be notified via email. The notification about the export being ready will be in the notification panel.

In case the notification doesn’t pop up, then the most likely reason for that is that your session has timed out. Simple login again and check the notification panel.

Watch the video tutorial:

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