How Do Your Customers See the Shipping Options on the Checkout Page

Here’s how the shipping options are displayed on the checkout page. 

Learn more about setting up shipping methods.

Shipping options change based on the selected country

When your customers add their details on the checkout page, under "Country", your customer selects the country where the order will be shipped. When they select a country, the options under "Choose a shipping method" change based on their selection in the "Country" dropdown menu. (See example image below)

Shipping options are displayed based on the selected language of the checkout

If your checkout page is available in different languages, then the information about the shipping method is also displayed in the language selected by the customer for the checkout page. 

Note: If it is possible for your customer to select different languages on the checkout page then while setting up the Shipping Methods make sure that you set up the shipping methods in all the languages you offer. This means that the title and the description of the Shipping method needs to be translated and set up in the different languages. 

Note: When you set up and create shipping methods, there is the option to add languages and transitions. Whatever you type in these two fields will be displayed on the checkout page to your customer.

Make sure that you add the correct translations under the selected language.

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