Mark Products as Bought

Instead of marking products as returned while processing returns in the Return List you can now also mark products as bought if they have been bought by your customer and hence will not be returned to you.

To mark a product as returned, follow these steps:

  • Go to Returns.
  • Select an order from the Return List and click on it.
  • In the Return Handling window, instead of clicking the MARK AS RETURNED button, click the MARK AS BOUGHT.

Checkbox for Delete future recurring payments: Checking this box will, as the text suggests, delete all future recurring payments.

When you should not check it: in case the customer is still under the minimum contract duration and returns the product anyway then you might want to uncheck this box as you still want to change the customer for the remainder of the contract period even through they have returned the product.

Additionally, in the Asset List, the status will be reflected as bought out for products that have either been bought out or are marked as bought in the return handling process.

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