The Order List: Explained

When you go to Orders in the left navigation bar, the Order List is displayed. The Order List shows the order List Columns that can be customised to display only what you want to see. In the order List are also additional functionality, explained below:

  • Search bar: the capabilities of the search bar can be used to search for an order ID, customer email ID, amount (associated to the product), customer name, status of the order and tag of an order. How you use it is completely under your control. One use case that we can think of is when there is a customer query about a particular order and you want to search for the information based on the information provided to you by your customer. If a customer has the ID, you can enter the ID in the search bar to locate the order associated with that ID. In case your customer is unable to locate the ID then you can even search for the order based on the email address or name of the customer. 
  • Filter: the filter feature enables you to refine your search even more. Instead of going through the order list, you can use filters to display exactly what you are looking for. 
    Use case: you want to see all the orders that came in on a particular date and want to check the status of all those orders. The way you proceed would be to select the order date as the field in the filter window and select the date range. Next you can insert an additional filter, let’s say status, and insert the value as (open….) in the value input field. The filter feature enables you to have a granular view of what you’re looking for. Needless to say it saves time by enabling you to combine  multiple filter fields. 
  • Hide Processed: the HIDE PROCESSED button removes all processed orders from the Order List view and only displays unprocessed orders.
  • Export: You can download the entire order list if you want or download selected items by checking the checkbox on the left most side. If there is something particular that you wish to download, then you can do so by first using the filter feature to define what you are looking for and once you have the desired result, you can export the file by clicking the EXPORT button. you can export a file either as .CSV or as .XML
  • Mark Completed: mark completed means that the order has been prepared and shipped to the customer. It then receives the "fulfilled" status in the circuly operations backend.
  • Bulk update: to use the BULK UPDATE feature, you first need to select a few order from the Order List that you want to update. Once you've selected a few orders, you can click on the BULK UPDATE button to create a subscription for multiple orders without having to go inside the order and creating a subscription from the Order Detail view.
  • Three dots: the three dots let you customize the Order List view by selecting and deselecting which columns are displayed. Particularly handy when you want to export the data to some other tool but do not want to download unnecessary fields. 

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