Process a Return Request Made by the Customer

When you get a return request from your customer either via email or via the customer login, there are two different ways to process the request.

NOTE: the process is not interchangeable as the workflows for the return request depends on how the request was made, that is was it via email or via the customer login.

In this article, we will cover both topics.

Return request made via email

When you get a return request via email. Follow these steps to process the return request:

  • Login into your circuly operations backend.
  • Go to “Subscriptions”.
  • Either select a subscription from the “Subscription List” or search for the customer name (or any other information you have about the customer who made the request) by using the “Search” input field.
  • Once you have the subscription, open it by clicking on it.
  • Click on the “Three Dots” in the top right corner and select “Set status as pending return” from the list.
  • When the subscription is set to pending return, the customer receives the “Subscription Pending Return” email from the “Email Templates”. The “Subscription Pending Return” email contains the return instructions for the subscription product that the customer will use to return the product to you.
  • Wait for the product to come back to you.

Note: The subscription is still active as the product hasn't been returned to you. Once you receive the product, you have to end the subscription in the operations backend. To end the subscription follow the steps given below:

  • Go to “Returns” and search for the returned product in the "Return List”.
  • Click on the product that you know has been returned and in the “Return Handling” window confirm your action by pressing the button that says “MARK AS RETURNED”.
  • The subscription is automatically cancelled and the “Subscription Status” is updated to “ended”.

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