Return Handling: Mark as Returned

Tip: This process can be automated via our customer API. This is the POST request you can use that you can use for the return handling process.

Mark, as returned, is commonly used to indicate that the subscription that was in the "pending return" state can be processed because the product has been returned. Sometimes the mark as returned option is also used when the subscription status is set as pending return but the product was not delivered to the customer and as a result the return needs to handled immediately so that the subscription can be ended. Mark, as returned, changes the status of the subscription to "ended".

The "ended" status means that the subscription has ended because the product has been returned.

Mark as Returned

When the product is returned to you by your customer and is in your warehouse, you should ideally go to the Returns tab in your circuly Operations Backend > Search for the serial number associated with the returned product in the Returns List > Click on the button that says HANDLE and in the Handle return window > Mark the product as returned by clicking on the MARK AS RETURNED button.

The following message will be displayed.

If you've set up the Repair questions and process repairs from the circuly Operations Backend > Navigate to the Repairs tab and complete the repair process for the product.

Delete future recurring payments checkbox

The "delete future recurring payments", as the title suggests deletes any future recurring payments if the checkbox for it is checked. It is available in two places:

- When you handle a return.

- When you mark a subscription as pending return.

When you do not interact with the subscription at all, all subscriptions can potentially automatically go into the pending return state when the end date arrives and if there are no auto-renew settings in place. In that case a circuly user has no interaction with the "Delete future recurring payments" checkbox and the recurring payments are planned to be charged even if the subscription is in a pending return state.

If you manually set a subscription status to pending return, you have the possibility to check the box when you are in the process. Your course of action depends on whether or not you want to avoid that your customer is being charged for the next month already while sending the item back. Some vendors want to keep the incentive up to return the product in time and as a result do not check the box in order to indicate that if the product is not returned in time,  the customer will get charged.

When you handle a return and want to mark the product as returned, the option to delete future recurring payment is auto checked because the circuly system assumes that the at this point in time the product has been returned and any future recurring payment should be stopped.

Additional associated settings

Update stock on SKU level after return: if you want to update the stock on a SKU level (makes sense if you have more than one subscription duration for the same variant), you should activate this setting. If the switch for this setting is disabled then the stock is updated on a variant level.

To access the setting > Go to the Settings tab > SubscriptionsRETURN SUBSCRIPTION > Update stock on SKU level after return.

Note: If you do not want your stock to be updated at all by circuly, please write to us via the service desk.

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