Self-Service Portal - Buy Subscription Products

Given below are the instructions you can pass on to your customer about buying out their subscription products from the Self-Service Portal:

If you fall in love with your subscribed products, you can buy them and change your subscription to a purchase.

Here's how the process looks:

  • When you click on the buy product option from the dropdown menu and confirm, a new window slides-in from the right with details about the product, the subscription and the price of the product.

  • The calculation shows the Retail price and the Buyout price of the product after subtracting any payments already made by you such as the Initial payment and the monthly subscription payments. 
  • In case the payments already made by you is more than the retail price of the product, a symbolic buyout price of €1 is charged. The reason for doing so is also already given and explained to you.

  • Click on the CONFIRM AND PAY button.
  • Once the process is through, a confirmation box appears on the screen with more information about the buyout.

  • The status of the Subscription goes to pending buyout until the payment goes through (see explanation box above). 
  • All dropdown menu options under the selected subscription disappear except the option to Report an issue. This is done in order to make sure that you do not request another buyout for the same product.

  • You additionally receives an invoice as confirmation for requesting a buyout.

  • You receives the "Buyout Order Confirmation" email to confirm the subscription buyout.

  • After the "Buyout Order Confirmation" email is sent, a one time transaction is triggered with the amount in the Buyout Price input field. The amount is charged immediately using your stored payment method.

  • Once the payment is successfully charged, an invoice is generated for the one time payment and sent to the customers (the email template "Payment was successful" is used to send the invoice to the customer that the payment was successful)
  • When the payment is successful, the status of the subscription goes from pending buyout to bought out.

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