Self-Service Portal - Change Product

If you are subscribed to a particular product and would like to change it to another product, you can do so from the self-service portal.

  • You log into the Self-Service Portal. 

  • You clicks on the dropdown button to access the subscription menu options. 

  • You select and clicks on “Change product” from the menu options. 

  • You then clicks on the CONFIRM button. 

  • As soon as you clicks on the button > A window slides in from the right. 

  • You clicks on the dropdown arrow to see the available product options. 

  • You selects a product from the available collection options. 

  • When you selects a product, the product image and price is displayed. 


  • Clicks on the SAVE CHANGES button to confirm your selection. 
  • The subscription status changes from “active” to “pending replacement”

  • The process ends for you.

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