Self-Service Portal: Referring Friends

Refer a friend is a feature that allows you as a customer to get some monetary incentive for encouraging other people to become our customer. You get a unique voucher code that you can pass along to your friends. The voucher can be used on the checkout page to get a discount on a new order. You get a fixed amount credited to your customer profile in our system every time your code is successfully used to place an order on our checkout page. 

Important: Your voucher amount cannot be credited into your bank account and can only be used at the time of your next recurring payment. Your account balance will automatically be used and deducted from your next payment, and you will receive an invoice for the same. 

The Refer a friend feature button is available in the Customer Self-Service portal only if the customer has an active subscription and the subscription has passed the early cancellation period.

Here's how you can generate your voucher code and pass it to your friends:


  • In the customer self-service portal, you can access the voucher code by clicking on the button that says "REFER A FRIEND". 


  • You will be taken to the voucher window > Click on the button that says CREATE REFERAL CODE


  • Copy to code and send it to your friends or invite them directly by adding their emails in the input field. 


  • Your friends can now use the voucher code on the checkout page when placing a new order. 


  • When your friends use the voucher code and successfully complete their order, you will receive a credit balance in our system. 
  • The balance will not be credited to your account but will be used during your next payment cycle. At the time of your next payment, your credit balance amount will be used first and the invoice amount will be adjusted accordingly. You will receive an invoice for the same.

Your friends can follow these steps to get the discount:

  • On the checkout page, add the code in the input field and click on the VALIDATE button.


  • The voucher code requires verification and is only valid for new customers > To verify the voucher add the email address in the input field (as shown in the image below) and click on the VALIDATE button. 
  • Once the code is successfully applied the revised, discounted amounts will be displayed on the checkout page. 
  • Proceed to the payment process to finalise the checkout.

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