How to Swap or Replace a Lost (Missing/Stolen) Product?

The term “Lost” is used in the operations backend for products that are either stolen or go missing. In your operations backend, whenever an existing customer needs to be supplied with a new product, you follow the process of swapping the product.

The swap a product:

  • Go to Orders and select the order from the Order List that needs to be swapped (either use the search bar to narrow down on the results based on what information you have about the order such as customer name, order ID, email ID and so on or simply scroll through the list).
  • Click on the order to see the order details. Scroll down to the subscriptions section and click on the three three dots next to the Status of the subscription.

  • After clicking on the three dots a small menu is displayed. Click on Initiate Product Swap from that menu.
  • In the pop-up window, check the order details to reconfirm if its the right order.
  • If it is a Lost product that needs to be swapped, check the box that says “Is the product item lost (missing/stolen)?”. If it is not a Lost product then do not check the box.

  • Check all the details in the following window and click on SUBMIT.

Now the previous order will either have a Lost tag in the Order List and an Ended status in the order details (if you treated the product as a Lost product and initiated the swap process for it) or a Replacement tag in the Order List and Pending Return status in the order details (if you did not check the box and initiated the regular swap process).

  • In both cases a new order will be created, which you can see in the Order List.
  • Go back ti Orders and select the new order.
  • Follow the regular process of creating a subscription (that is by inserting a serial number and selecting the subscription date)

The reason why Lost product swaps are treated differently from other product swaps is because Lost products are not expected to come back. Speaking in technical terms, Lost products will not have a Pending Return status. This essentially means that normally you would expect a product to come back and if the customer doesn't send the product back, you can keep billing them. But in case of Lost products there is no possibility to get the product back hence no reason to bill the customers for two subscriptions.

In Summary when your existing customers request a replacement (for lost products, broken products or wrong products) you initiate the swap process in the operations backend.

  • Lost product will have the Lost tag and Ended status after you’ve gone through the swap process and will show up in the Lost items in the Assortment section.
  • Other products will have the Replacement tag and Pending Return status after you’ve gone through the swap process and will show up in the Returns section.

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