Everything About the circuly customer login

The circuly Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal is a dedicated place for your customers to manage their subscriptions. 

It provides your customers with the necessary flexibility they need in managing their subscriptions and the transparency they expect from you. 

In the CSS, your customers can see all their subscriptions (active, ended, cancelled), make cancellation requests, make swap requests, report problems etc. 

Below is a detailed description of the CSS's appearance, functionality and usability. 

For the setup of the CSS checkout this article: Set up your white-label customer login

customer login webinar

Did you miss the customer login webinar? No worries. You can watch it here to get in-depth information about it.

Why is a Dedicated Space aka customer login Important?

  • Majority of the consumers today prefer and care about transparency.
  • Takes away some burden off of your shoulders (and operations)
  • Gives the customer the feeling of being in control - a priority among most consumers.
  • Transparency builds trust

How to access the CSS?

The CSS can only be accessed with the email address used at checkout or the email ID used for placing the order. 


How the login process to the CSS looks for your customer: 

  • Access the self-service portal - go to {insert your website link} and click on the button that says Login {insert a value for how you call your CSS}. Clicking on the button takes you to the login page of the CSS. Example image below. 

  • Logging in - enter your email in the Email input field. The email should be the same as the one used during checkout. 

  • Receiving one-time password - if you've entered the same email as the one you used in the checkout, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) via email. 

  • Add the OTP to the login page: Copy the OTP and paste it into the password field on the login page. Alternatively, you can also click on the link provided in the email. Clicking on the link will also take you to the login page. 

What can you see in the CSS?

In the CSS, you have an overview of all the products subscribed by you. Additionally, you can also access your invoices and personal detail. Below is a list of all the things you can see in the CSS. 

  • Your subscriptions: You can see both active and ended subscriptions in the CSS. You can also see the monthly subscription price for all your subscriptions. Under "Your Subscriptions", you can only see products that have or were a subscription. If you have one-time orders, they are displayed under "Your Orders". 

  • Your orders: You can find all your orders, both subscription and one-time, under "Your Orders.

  • Your invoices: You can access and download invoices for subscription payments that have already been paid under “Your invoices”. 

What can you do in the CSS?

The CSS enables you to perform actions such as cancelling subscriptions, changing your payment and personal details, downloading invoices and reporting product issues without calling customer support or writing an email. Given below is a list of actions you can perform in the CSS. 

Change the language

To change the language in which the CSS is displayed > Click on the small grey button in the top right corner > From the given list, select a language of your choice. 

Change your personal details

In the CSS, you can change your personal details, such as your name, email, phone number and address (shipping and billing). 

To change your name, email and phone number > Click on the button that says YOUR PROFILE > In the Your Profile Window,> Click on the pencil icon to start editing your details > Once all the necessary changes have been made, click on the SEND button.  

Your information will be sent to our system and updated accordingly.

To change your address, go to Your Orders > Select an order > Click on the arrow icon > You will be taken to your order overview page > In the order overview page > Click on the pencil icon to start editing your address > Once you've made the necessary changes click on the SEND button.

Your information will be sent to our system and updated accordingly. 

Important: The reason why you cannot edit your address in the same window as your email and phone number is because you may have used the same email IDl to place an order for your friends, family or employees, and the address for these orders can be different from one another. 

Change your payment details

You can change your payment details in the same window as your address. 

To change your payment details > Go to Your Orders > Choose an order and click on the arrow icon > You will be taken to your order overview page > in the order overview page scroll down to Current payment method > Click on UPDATE PAYMENT METHOD

You will be taken to a new browser window where you will have the option to update your payment method > Click on your desired option > Fill in your payment details > Confirm your selection.

Download your invoices

You can download invoices for payments that have already been charged also in the CSS. 

To download an invoice > Go to Your invoices > Click on the download icon > Your invoice will be downloaded and available for you to view in your browser > To view your invoice click on the downloaded file > The invoice will open up in a new window > From there you can download and/or print your invoice. 

Cancel your subscriptions 

You can make cancellation requests also from the CSS. 

Types of cancellation:

Cancellation within the Early Cancellation Period (Widerrufsfrist in Germany) - You can make a cancellation request for your recently started subscriptions if your subscription is within the Early Cancellation Period. The Early Cancellation Period for {insert company name} is {insert time in days}. 

To cancel a subscription that is still in the Early Cancellation Period:

  • Under Your Subscriptions > Choose the correct subscription that you'd like to cancel > Click on the text that says CANCEL NOW.

  • You will be taken to your subscription overview window > In the same window under Actions, select a Cancellation type from the given dropdown selection (Normal or Extraordinary cancellation).

  • Based on your selection, under cancellation type, the Cancellation reason will be displayed > Select your desired cancellation reason and move on to the next dropdown selection, that is, Return the product.

  • Decide whether you'd like to return the product immediately or after a minimum duration

Important: If the cancellation is made outside of the early Cancellation Period, then the option to return the product "immediately" will not be shown, and the product can only be returned after the minimum subscription duration. 

  • White a message in the Message input field (this step is optional) > Once you're satisfied with your chosen reasons click on the CANCEL NOW button. 
  • You will see the cancellation confirmation for the subscription under Your Subscriptions, and you will also receive an email confirmation from our side. 

Reporting issues

If you are facing any issues with your subscription you can easily report an issue for the same. 

To report an issue > Select Report an issue from the dropdown menu under Your Subscriptions and click on CONFIRM > You will be taken to the subscription overview window > In the same window, write a message in the Your Message input field describing the issue in detail and click on the SEND button. 

Referring friends 

Refer a friend is a feature that allows you as a customer to get some monetary incentive for encouraging other people to become our customer. You get a unique voucher code that you can pass along to your friends. The voucher can be used on the checkout page to get a discount on a new order. You get a fixed amount credited to your customer profile in our system every time your code is successfully used to place an order on our checkout page. 

Important: Your voucher amount cannot be credited into your bank account and can only be used at the time of your next recurring payment. Your account balance will automatically be used and deducted from your next payment, and you will receive an invoice for the same. 

Here's how you can generate your voucher code and pass it to your friends:


  • In the customer self-service portal, you can access the voucher code by clicking on the button that says "REFER A FRIEND". 


  • You will be taken to the voucher window > Click on the button that says CREATE REFERAL CODE


  • Copy to code and send it to your friends or invite them directly by adding their emails in the input field. 


  • Your friends can now use the voucher code on the checkout page when placing a new order. 


  • When your friends use the voucher code and successfully complete their order, you will receive a credit balance in our system. 
  • The balance will not be credited to your account but will be used during your next payment cycle. At the time of your next payment, your credit balance amount will be used first and the invoice amount will be adjusted accordingly. You will receive an invoice for the same.

Your friends can follow these steps to get the discount:

  • On the checkout page, add the code in the input field and click on the VALIDATE button.


  • The voucher code requires verification and is only valid for new customers > To verify the voucher add the email address in the input field (as shown in the image below) and click on the VALIDATE button. 
  • Once the code is successfully applied the revised, discounted amounts will be displayed on the checkout page. 
  • Proceed to the payment process to finialise the checkout. 

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