What Your Customers Can Do and See in the Portal

By embracing the power of the Circuly Self-Service Portal, you're not just freeing your Customer Success team from operational constraints, but also delivering the transparency your customers crave. This transparency isn't just a feature – it's a catalyst that fuels the transformation of customer experience into something truly extraordinary.

This article offers detailed insights into the self-service portal's features. Written for your customers, you can easily copy and paste this information onto your website, providing them with a clear guide to navigate their self-service options effectively. We only recommend that you make use of your own screenshots so that the information appears to be tailored to your audience.

Note: If you do not provide one or more options mentioned below, compile your own custom article based on the information mentioned in this article and make it available on your own website.

What you see in the customer self-service portal

In the Customer self service portal (CSS), you have an overview of all the products subscribed by you. Additionally, you can also access your invoices and personal detail. Given below is a list of all the things you can see in the CSS. 

  • Your subscriptions
  • Your orders
  • Your invoices

Your subscriptions

You can see both active and ended subscriptions in the CSS. You can also see the monthly subscription price for all your subscriptions. Under "Your Subscriptions", you can only see products that have or were a subscription. If you have one-time orders, they are displayed under "Your Orders". 

Your orders

You can find all your orders, both subscription and one-time, under "Your Orders.

Your invoices

You can access and download invoices for subscription payments that have already been paid under “Your invoices”. 

What can you do in the CSS?

The CSS enables you to perform actions such as cancelling subscriptions, changing your payment and personal details, downloading invoices and reporting product issues without calling customer support or writing an email. Given below is a list of actions you can perform in the CSS. 

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