Issues in Email Delivery

Failure is sending a transactional email and delivery of an email to the customers inbox are two separate issues. If there has been a failure in sending the email from the circuly operations backend, you can manually try to send the email to the customer and check if everything is working on that front.

However most commonly the issue is with the delivery of the email to the inbox of the customer. Given below are some of the most common reasons why an email was not delivered to your customer’s inbox.

Start by checking whether the email was sent or not. To do that, you have two options:

Option 1: Go to the Email History Tab in the left navigation bar > In the Search bar, type the email of the customer you suspect that the email was not sent to > Check if the email was sent out. 

Option 2
: Go to the Customers Tab in the left navigation bar > Select the customer from the Customer List > In the Customer Profile click on the History tab (see image) > In the History tab you’ll find an overview all actions, operations and emails associated to the customer profile > Look for the email under question and check the status of the email > If the status says success then the email was sent out. If it doesnt say success or if you can’t find the email there, either try Option 1 or continue reading below. 

Screenshot of Customers Tb to show the email delivery feature

Note: If the mail was successfully sent, there may be other reasons why the mail could not be delivered to your customer:

  • The email was delivered to the spam folder. Ask your customer to check their spam folder. 
  • The reverse look up for your emails might have fail. Check your DNS entries with your mail provider and make sure that they are correctly set up. 
  • Your mail provider may not be suitable for transactional emails. Emails with the same look and content get easily denied because they appear as outbound emails and get sorted out as spam. Especially, email providers such as gmail or outlook are affected by this, we recommend switching to another email provider such as Mailgun to avoid these issues in the future. 

Note: Since it is a matter related to your mail provider, it is outside of circuly scope.

  • If you include external links in your emails, this is often a reason why some mail providers recognize these emails as spam and deny the delivery. Check your email templates if you have external links included and if you can remove them. A good example is the one time password. Often the mail doesn’t get delivered if you include a link to the login page. Just remove it and test again if your delivery rate improves. 

If none of the above mentioned applies to you, then feel free to send us a service desk ticket. 

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