How to mark a subscription status as pending return?

Marking the subscription status as “pending return” can be either done manually or it can be automatically triggered.

The subscription status is automatically set to pending return when the subscription end date has reached.

You can mark the subscription status as pending return manually when you get a cancellation request from the customer. To process the cancellation request, you need to mark the subscription status as pending return so that the return process can be trigged.

IMPORTANT: Read more about the difference between Cancelling an order and setting the subscription status as pending return.

Follow these steps to mark a subscription as pending return:

  • Login to your circuly operations backend.
  • Go to Subscriptions > Select the subscription from the Subscription List that you want to mark the status as "pending return".
  • In the subscription detail window click on the three dots in the right corner > Click on Set status as pending return.

Screenshot of the subscriptions tab to show the set as pending return option

  • In the Set subscription to pending return window add a reason (if you want to) for setting the status as pending return (such as cancellation request made by the customer).

Screenshot of the  set as pending return window

  • OPTIONAL: Check the box for Delete future recurring payments if you do not want the customer to be charged.
  • Click on the CONFIRM button.

What happens now?

When the subscription status is set as "pending return" the return process is triggered.

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