Self-Service Portal - Changing the language

Your customers can switch between languages in the self-service portal. When your customers change their language, the language preferences of the customers are updated and saved in the circuly system. the circuly system then sends the email communication to the customer in the language selected last by the customer in the self-service portal.

Here's how your customer goes through the process

To change the language in which the CSS is displayed > Click on the small grey button in the top right corner > From the given list, select a language of your choice. 

Implication: When you change your language preferences in the self-service portal, the language of the email communication that you receive from us also changes.

To access the language settings, that is to customise the languages available to your customer to choose from in the self-service portal > In your circuly Operations backend > Go to SettingsCompany settings > LOCALE > Allowed languages > Select the languages from the dropdown menu.

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