Setting: Auto Refund Immediately Cancelled Subscriptions

Auto refund immediately cancelled subscriptions is a setting available in the Settings tab that allows you to auto refund the payment for an subscription that is still within the Early cancellation period. 

The conditions that needs to be met for this setting to trigger are:

  • The subscription needs to be within the early cancellation period.
  • And the customer needs to select “immediately” as an option to return the product. 

If both these conditions are met then payments can be auto refunded if you enable the switch for this setting. 

To access this setting to to Settings > Subscriptions > CANCEL  SUBSCRIPTION > Auto refund immediately cancelled subscription

Note: The payment for the cancelled subscription will be immediately refunded even if the product has not been returned. 

If you do not want to refund the payment before you’ve received the product back, we recommend disabling the switch for the Auto refund immediately cancelled subscriptions and instead processing the refunds manually. 

Learn more about how you can manually process a refund.

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