Automate Subscription Start Date Selection

Every time a customer places an order on your website and goes through the circuly checkout a new order is created and appears in the circuly operations backend. When that happens, you have to create a subscription for it in order to start collecting recurring payments.

When you create a subscription for an order, in the create subscription window, there is the subscription start date picker calendar (see the image below). If you’ve defined the Subscription Start Date in the setting, then every time you create a subscription the subscription start date will automatically be selected based on the custom value you define in the Subscription start date setting.

The image shows the subscription start date option when creating a subscription.

To define the Subscription start date custom value, go to Settings > Subscription > GENERAL > And enter a numeric value in the Subscription start date input field.

Now every time you create a new subscription, the subscription start date will be 1 + this value.

Best practices:

You can base this value on the shipping duration of your orders. If it takes 3 days to deliver an order to the customer, then your subscription start date should be 1 + 3.

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