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circuly operations backend
circuly checkout StrollMe
circuly Checkout StrollMe

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Frequently Asked Questions
Make Your Customers Happy
Create Your First Subscription
Customise Your circuly operations backend
Cancelled vs. Pending Return
Return Process Explained
Transactional Emails Coms

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Illustration of preventing fraud in a subscription/rental business


Now that you are familiar with how to navigate through our circuly tools, watch our training videos to understand how to manage subscriptions in the circuly operations backend. Depending on your tasks we offer training sessions focusing on operational processes but also different sessions that train your customer support team.

Watch the training sessions
An illustration of recurring revenue in a rental/subscription business


The holy grail of circuly. As an admin rights you can access the settings. They build the foundation of your circuly set up - so we advise you to take a look at the settings and get a feeling for what can be customised and how your subscription business is set up at the moment. Careful! If you change a setting & save, it will immediately be applied in your set-up.

Learn more about the circuly settings
Illustration of dealership structure in a car rental/subscription business


circuly does not sleep (only at night & on weekends). We are constantly updating and developing our software - so watch out for our regular updates. Whether as an info banner in the circuly operations backend, Email newsletter directly to your inbox or circuly event invitations. We make sure to keep you in the loop and share the latest updates with you. Missed them?

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Best practices

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