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Let's make sure your customer support team shines while answering all your customer's questions & making their subscription experience excellent. Here you find training tutorials as well as tips and tricks how to support your end customers with circuly. Watch the whole video if you just started using circuly or pick the scenario that you are hunting an answer for below.



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How do I search and edit customer information?

  • Best option: open the customer profile.
  • View orders, subscriptions and payment information as well as see a list of any action related to that customer. 
  • To edit email address & phone number you can do so via the customer profile.
  • To change address information & birthday you must open the specific order.
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How do I edit my customer's payment details?

  • If your PSP is Stripe, Braintree and Adyen you can update the payment method of your customers.
  • You can manually send out a payment update link to the customer:
  • Go to the order & open the three dots menu.
  • Select 'Update the payment method' and follow the steps.
  • The next payment will then automatically be charged from the new payment method.
  • Better option: Enable your customer to do it themselves via their profile.
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How can I edit my customer's subscription duration?

  • Open the respective subscription & click the three dot menu.
  • Click 'change subscription duration' to adapt overall duration, pricing and billing rhythm.
  • Fast Track: To only extend the subscription duration use "extend subscription duration" & edit the number of months.
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How do I allow a customer a discount?

Option 1 - edit recurring payments:

  • Select/search the subscription and open it.
  • Scroll to recurring payments and click on the three dots next to payment.
  • Select „edit recurring payments“.
  • Edit amount/date of recurring payment, add customised message and save.

Option 2 - refund settled recurring payment:

  • Select/search the subscription and open it.
  • Scroll to recurring payments and click on the three dots next to payment.
  • Select „refund recurring payments“.
  • Choose full refund or partial refund amount, add customized message and save.
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Can I cancel an order?

Cancelation must happen within the legal revocation period.

Option 1 - The subscription has not been started yet:

  • Cancel the order & refund the money.

Option 2 - The subscription has been started:

  • Cancel the order, refund the money and mark the product as returned in the returns section to end the subscription.

The customer will receive a cancellation email + transaction refund email including a refund invoice

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How do I process the cancellation?

Manual cancellation request from customer via mail:

  • Customer requests cancellation via email, customer support checks when subscription can be terminated. If in the future, set off auto renewal. If as soon as possible, set subscription as pending return and mark subscription as returned once the item is back to end the subscription.

Cancellation request from customer via customer login:

  • Set up your cancellation reasons in the circuly backend: Settings > Subscriptions to enable the cancellation flow.
  • @customer login: Customer can click “cancel now”, choose cancelation type and reason. Auto renewal is automatically turned off.
  • When the item is returned the subscription can be ended. The customer will receive a 'cancellation request received' email and once the subscription is marked as returned a 'subscription is ended' email.
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What regulations do I have to respect in the cancellation process?

  • In Germany customer have the right to withdrawal from a contract within the first 14 days after contract closure.
  • Depending on the country you operate in set up the period that you allow an early cancellation.
  • Go to Settings > Early Cancellation Period > fill in number of days.
  • Mark product as returned after its been shipped back.
  • Stopp all future recurring payments and refund the initial payment.
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How do I provide a refund to a customer?

  • Open the order.
  • Click the three dots and choose 'refund order'.
  • Give a full refund, item based refund or custom value refund.
  • The customer will receive the transaction refund mail with a refund invoice attached.
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How can I reactivate a canceled subscription?

  • If a subscription is set to pending return, because you customer wanted to end their subscription / had no auto renewal turned on but now wants to continue the subscription
  • Open the subscription and click on the three dots menu.
  • Choose action “reactivate subscription”.
  • The subscription will be activated again and recurring payments will continue running.

Please note that a subscription cannot be reactivated if a subscription has ended already in the backend. For this case please contact us if needed.

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How do I set up or stop the auto renew function?

  • Whenever a subscription has reached their minimum duration and the customer has not canceled their subscription, this will automatically prolong the subscription.
  • circuly operations backend > settings > subscriptions > activate “auto activate subscriptions”.
  • To specify length of auto renewal enable “Custom auto renew subscription duration” & specify duration.
  • In the subscription the auto renew button will be always enabled.
  • You can always enable or disable the button manually per customers.
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