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Manage subscriptions, cancel an order or let your products flow through the return process - how?Find training tutorials as well as tips and tricks how to best manage your subscription business within circuly. Pick the scenario that you are hunting an answer for below or watch through the series of tutorial if you just started with circuly.



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Where do I find orders of a mixed cart (buying & renting)?

  • No matter if the customer buys or rents a product or both, all different orders will end up in the circuly backend. 
  • If you have a buying product, the price will be charged and the product will receive the status “bought out”. At this point the journey ends for this product
  • If you have a rental product, the price will be charged for the initial payment and you will need to create a subscription for this product in the circuly backend to start the recurring payments and subscription actions for this product.
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How do I start a subscription?

  • When an order was placed via the checkout (see intro vid), the price will be charged and the order will end up in the circuly backend.
  • You receive an order confirmation email & a 'payment was successful' email, once it went through.
  • Open the order from the order list, go to your product list and click on the button 'create subscription'
  • Fill out the necessary fields and confirm.
  • All recurring payments will be scheduled & you receive a 'subscription activated' email.
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How do I edit the subscription start date?

  • Open the subscription and scroll down to recurring payments.
  • Edit all recurring payments to the desired date.
  • The customer will be charged for the subscription at a later date.
  • Tick the box “change for all future payments”.
  • Save.
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How do I edit a serial number?

  • Open the respective subscription.
  • Click on the three dots top right corner.
  • Select „replace serial number“.
  • Type in old and new serial number - must have 8 digits.
  • Save changes.
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How do I assure excellent customer communication during the return process?

Keep customers informed via automated transactional email communication.

  • Define a timeline when an email reminder should be sent out.
  • Go to your circuly settings > email and enable the toggle “email subscription almost over”.
  • Define “days calculation before ending”.
  • Enable your customer to print their return label - e.g. insert your return label link in this email.
  • Enable your customer to select a pick up date.
  • Go to settings > customer login > the toggles “pick up date” and “require pick up date” to schedule a pick up appointment.
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How do I track products during the return process?

  • Open the subscription.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right on.
  • Click “set as pending return”.
  • Easily track whether your product is being returned in time or not.
  • Define timeline for return: settings > subscription > return until period.
  • Optional: If the item has not been returned until then, the “subscription pending return” email will be sent out to the customer and the return will be marked red in the return overview.
  • No matter what, all assets will show up in your return overview. 
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How do I manage the return process?

  • As a product has returned to your warehouse, open up the circuly return section.
  • Search the returned item.
  • Mark it as returned to end the subscription and future payments.
  • Make sure to tick the box so that all future recurring payments up until the defined subscription end date will deleted.
  • If you have enabled a repair process, the item will only be back in stock once the repair process is completed.
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How do I swap / replace a product?

  • Go to the subscription and open action 'initiate product swap'.
  • If stolen select “mark as stolen”. Subscription will then be marked as pending replacement.
  • Customer needs to return the item. If item is returned, mark it as returned and end subscription. Customer will receive subscription ended email. 
  • You can then start the repair process of the item if it was broken. 
  • Simultaneously, a new order has been created and you need to fulfill the new order. 
  • Start a new subscription and the remaining subscription duration will be taken over from the previous subscription. Customer will then receive another 'subscription activated' email.
  • If you define the replacement reasons, you can best analyse your product performance.
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How do I manage the repair process for returned items?

  • The default repair flow is enabled by circuly.
  • You can set up a custom repair flow.
  • Every return will automatically go to the repair section and is processed depending on your set up.
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